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今日同大家講下.... 小王子去既第五個行星 - Lamplighter

呢個行星上面住左一個點燈的人... 佢朝早點燈,夜晚熄燈 但係由於佢個星球一分鐘一日 點完燈就要熄燈 熄完燈就要點燈

小王子問… “Hello. Why have you just put out your lamp?” “Those are my orders” “What are your orders?” “To put out my lamp. Good night” And he re-lit it. “But why have you just re-lit it?” “Those are my orders” replied “I don’t understand” said the Little Prince “There ’s nothing to understand” “Orders are orders……”

一個忙於工作,為他人點燈而忘記自我的人 He is looking after something other than himself 咩係Orders are orders Let us break the orders!!😤

人生既意義絕對不能夠只為他人工作 人生既意義係為左自我成長(應該係) I do whatever I think is right for myself 甘當然...生活都要過得心安理得 唔可以只顧自己,自私自利

Let us cultivate our own garden:)

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